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Auto Detailing Services are no longer offered

Full Detail ( includes complete interior and exterior detailing )



  • Cleaning of all surfaces with compressed air, brushes and soft cloths

  • Instruments and panels

  • Cup holders

  • Gauges

  • All knobs, switches and dials

  • Vents and louvers

  • Steering column

  • Door handles

  • Consoles

  • Vacuum entire interior ( trunk upon request at no extra charge )

  • Shampoo all carpet and upholstery

  • Cleaning of windows, sunroof and mirrors

  • Leather treatment and conditioning

  • Premium interior dressing for enriched tone ( if requested )




  • Thorough hand wash

  • Removal of road tar, sap, bugs, etc.

  • Proper cleaning of wheels, wheel wells and tires

  • Tires and trim treated with premium dressing

  • Application of durable wax

  • Clean window exteriors

  • Clean and polish exhaust tips

  • Polish wheels and chrome bumpers

  • Door jambs cleaned

  • Inside fuel door cleaned


Wash and Vacuum 


  • Hand wash and dry vehicle ( including door jambs )

  • Clean rims and tires

  • Dress tires

  • Vacuum entire interior

  • Wipe down dash

  • Clean interior and exterior windows / mirrors


Headlight Lens Restoration 

  • Complete cleaning and restoration

  • Wet sanding

  • Polishing

  • Restores visibility and appearance

Cheap Auto Repair, Virginia Beach
Cheap Auto Repair, Virginia Beach
Cheap Auto Repair, Virginia Beach
Cheap Auto Repair, Virginia Beach

The vehicle above used to be a POLICE CAR.​ All stickers were removed and what you see is the end result.

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